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  • March 8, 2016
150 150 Cyrus Crossan

Check out this video from our time in Arizona with Sulphur Springs Valley Electric!

The lineman’s tool shop.

WILLCOX, AZ – Just outside of town is a warehouse shop in a large field with a million dollar view of the snow covered mountains.  Better have a pair of boots on – things might get a little messy.  It doesn’t take long to be impressed with the operation of this facility.  The crew inside knows their stuff, particularly the large transformers that are under surgery, and they are often brought the toughest projects in the region. These projects can vary from fix-it jobs to creating new and innovative methods that are copied across the area. What motivates this crew to bring their “A game?”  Doing their part to support the larger good – serving their community. That’s their mission, day in and day out.

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric

WILLCOX, AZ – Our last stop of the day was at none other than Sulphur Springs Valley Electric itself and were greeted by the wonderful employees who work there. These employees also brought their “A game” and it was evident that the whole organization shares a deep care for their community and the work that they do for them.

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