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  • October 10, 2016
150 150 Cyrus Crossan

MINOT – ND, Following our time in Oklahoma, we trekked north to America’s largest Scandinavian Festival – the 39th Annual Norsk Hostfest.  You may be wondering what cooperative objectives when could gain at this meeting.  The answer was clear to us the moment we stepped into the festival.  Basin Electric Power Cooperative and the North Dakota cooperatives were demonstrating one of the strongest member engagement initiatives we’ve seen on our travels.  From volunteering countless hours for décor and set-up to serving over 20,000 chocolate chip cookies and meals, the nearly 80,000 attendees knew exactly where to find smiling and community driven people – the ones bearing the Touchstone Energy logo.  

In addition, we found time to explore North Dakota. We hit the highway and visited Lake Audubon and Lake Sakakawea for an awesome sunset. While we were on the road, we witnessed the largest wind farm solely owned by a cooperative, Prairie Winds which is a subsidiary of Basin Electric Power Cooperative.

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