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  • March 16, 2016
150 150 Cyrus Crossan

DENVER , CO – One of the great results of Touchstone Energy On Tour is that it has provided the grounds for inspiration for our future commercials and marketing. We enjoyed our time visiting two Colorado co-ops last October and now have come back for a scout visit for one of multiple new commercials that are being produced in house. On Monday, March 14th, we arrived to the sweet, crisp Denver air and headed to the Donna Baldwin Talent agency to find our actors for our upcoming “Future Generations” spot.

“Future Generations” will be a 30 second spot, featuring 3 generations of co-op family, from the grandfather who experienced electrification, to the father and to the son, who is the future generation. There’s a sense of pioneering spirit in this spot and Denver’s rugged yet beautiful scenery provides that vibe. On Tuesday, we headed southwest to Buena Vista to check out some locations and were not disappointed. The On Tour team plans to be back in Denver mid-April for the shoot. Check back soon for more behind the scenes footage from commercial conceptualization to post production.

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