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  • April 20, 2016
150 150 Cyrus Crossan

DENVER – CO, The “Future Generations” shoot is officially wrapped. 

After a full weekend of scouting new locations and prepping talent, we decided on the beautiful town of Pueblo, Colorado for filming. Thanks to its south-of-Colorado Springs location, it managed to avoid most of the colossal snowfalls that hit the region on Friday and Saturday. 

The last two sections of the shoot went great – despite the freezing temps. Rain managed to hold off right when we needed it to, and we wrapped early. We were lucky to have some amazing talent that nailed the look/feel and lines right form the start. Paired with some strong location imagery in the background, we have a strong, inspiring piece of storytelling.

Currently back in the studio getting ready to edit – we’re hoping to develop (at least) 3 new spots from this shoot, and premiere them at the CONNECT conference in Portland this May. Stay tuned for more updates and some great behind the scenes footage from the weekend!

*Stay tuned for a behind the scenes video from our shoot!*

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